Yanders Law now has a blog!

Hello and welcome to Yanders Law blog! Here we will post updates on Yanders Law teams, players, alumni, and leagues as well as basketball news.

Yanders Law was established to use the sport of basketball as a tool to assist young men and women in their athletic, educational, professional, and life skill development; to provide young men and women with a fraternity of brotherhood and sisterhood for life; and to promote good citizenship, discipline, teamwork, and physical health.

This blog is set in place to promote these teams and players to allow a platform that they may not have otherwise. We will also let you know about Yanders Law events and promotions to make sure you are able to stay up to date with one of the areas greatest grassroot basketball programs.

Occasionally, we will also cover area tournaments and games in addition to national high school (and under) basketball news.

Blog posts will be written by @WilHarrington. I also author the blog over at The Basketball Movement and will be gradually be integrating as social media manager for both.

All posts on this blog will be tweeted out, so it is important to make sure that you’re following @YandersLaw to get all the updates.

We are excited to get Yanders Law and its players another platform to showcase all of the great things that we have going on. This whole website is ramping up with new pages and content on the way. Be on the lookout for all the new content and a few special events that Yanders Law and The Basketball Movement have coming up.

More coming soon - follow us across all platforms and get involved with Yanders Law!