Angels of the Hardwood - Yanders Law, The Basketball Movement, and Jones Family YMCA

Yanders Law, The Basketball Movement, and the Jones Family YMCA are teaming up to bring Angels of the Hardwood to the local community.

This year will mark the first annual Angels of the Hardwood event put on by Yanders Law and its players. Yanders Law will be partnering with The Basketball Movement and its coaches to utilize the facilities and resources that The Basketball Movement can provide. The goal of this absolutely free event is to make a difference in the lives of children and let them know that people care.

During the Angels of the Hardwood event, 100 pairs of Nike shoes will be given to those in need as well as Nike shirts, basketballs, and more. The event will take place at the Jones Family YMCA on December 16th from 1:00 to 3:00pm. Angels of the Hardwood is an idea by Rob Yanders, born out of a desire to give back to the community using the platform of basketball.

There is no greater way to find yourself than through service for others. Angels of the Hardwood will show the boys and girls of Yanders Law the importance of selflessness and teach them about character, humility, and integrity.
— Rob Yanders

Rob has described that players need to understand the privilege that they have to be able to play the game of basketball. This privilege can be best utilized as a platform to reach others - either inspirationally or through acts of service. Angels of the Hardwood will help create the next generation of leaders by teaching these kids to use their advantages to give to the less fortunate.

The players involved in this free program must understand that the giving season does not come about through a red-suited man in a sleigh. Behind all of that are good, real people working hard to be able to provide for their family and friends. There is joy to be found in giving, and Yanders Law and The Basketball Movement want players to get to experience that.

“A night of basketball” will be taking place at the Jones Family YMCA in conjunction with the Angels of the Hardwood event. This evening will bring everything back to basketball, giving the players the opportunity to grow on the court through Basketball Movement skills and drills.

Yanders Law and The Basketball Movement’s Rob Yanders reflected back on his time growing up in Milwaukee and what basketball meant to him.

Growing up I remember how much I looked forward to after-school programs at Salvation Army, YMCA, and Boys and Girls Club. Basketball meant so much because it was an escape for us. It could take your mind off a missed meal or troubles at home. It was a chance to make friends and an opportunity to be a part of something. That’s what motivates me to give back.
— Rob Yanders

The Basketball Movement and Yanders Law are excited for this opportunity to be a teammate for their community. This is the first Angels of the Hardwood event, but it won’t be the last. Rob and his entities are driven by development of players and people, and that will shine through absolutely on December 16th.

***Pre-registration is required - Call (417)881-1599 or see the front desk to register.***

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